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A Crime In The Neigborhood

    It was the summer of 1972 when Spring Hill, a Washington, D.C., suburb, got its first taste of an increasingly violent, insecure modern world. The qui...

Status Information:        15-Jun-2002        Hits: 412               Rate It

A Stepmom's Prayer for Overcoming Resentment
    (The following is condensed and excerpted from the upcoming project, "A Stepmom's Book of Prayer."
    Stepmothering is the ultimate learning experie...

Status Information:        17-Jul-2002        Hits: 456               Rate It

Beat Him At His Own Divorce!
    The author of Beat Him At His Own Divorce! is a man, Ted Knight. It is the result of his work with several women whose husbands walked out on them af...

Status Information:        19-Jun-2001        Hits: 480               Rate It

Book Review of Real World Guide to Happiness
    Description: Advice from a dear friend

    How many people can you go to with your troubles, and they always seem to have the right answers?

Status Information:        24-Nov-2003        Hits: 314               Rate It

Books for Introverted Children to Read to Understand Themselves Better
    Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery Comments: Your introverted girl will identify with Anne's vivid imagination and insightful nature. Grade...

Status Information:        7-Sep-2003        Hits: 325               Rate It

From Father's Property to Children's Rights: The History of Child Custody
    The author examines "child custody through five historical periods:
    Colonial English common-law tradition giving fathers rights over children;

Status Information:        4-Sep-2001        Hits: 419               Rate It

Getting What You Want (And Being Liked for It)
    Getting What You Want (And Being Liked For It). The sections excerpted cover the power of "Direct Anger" and "Positive Acknowl...

Status Information:        24-Jun-2001        Hits: 470               Rate It

Journal article analysis - The Instrumental Side of Corporal Punishment:
    The Instrumental Side of Corporal Punishment: Parents' Reported Practices and Outcome Expectancies
    Summary The subject of corporal punishment am...

Status Information:        12-Oct-2001        Hits: 576               Rate It

Mom's House, Dad's House
    A Complete Guide for Parents Who Are Separated, Divorced, or Remarried

    Can children flourish in any custody situation?
    If their par...

Status Information:        15-Jan-2001        Hits: 653               Rate It

Typology of Violent Men
    Reading “A Typology of Men Who Are Violent Toward Their Female Partners: Making Sense of the Heterogeneity in Husband Violence” was quite an enlighten...

Status Information:        12-Oct-2001        Hits: 430               Rate It




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