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Children Affected by Parental Alienation Syndrome

    Rye Hospital Program For Treating Children Affected by Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

    Intense interest in the well-be...

Status Information:        2-Nov-2001        Hits: 1630               Rate It

Falling Through the Cracks: Children of Divorce
    Regardless of age, race, sex or religion, divorce has devastating, often long-term, consequences. The immediate effects of divorce, such as hurt, ange...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 1967               Rate It

The Types of Child Abuse
    Child Abuse
    Child abuse is a very common thing in today’s society, although not much is heard about it. The abuse occurs in the home where the b...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 1324               Rate It

10 Tips to Help Your Child Through Divorce
    Helping your child through your divorce may be one of the most difficult tasks you will ever face as a parent. The following is a brief list of practi...

Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 541               Rate It

5 Ways To Raise A Tolerant and Empathetic Child
    Tolerance seems to be in short supply now-a-days. Everybody seems to be at odds with everybody else and rather than accept the differences that occur ...

Status Information:        22-Jul-2009        Hits: 425               Rate It

Babysitting Co-ops Give Parents Precious Time
    Here's the dilemma: You need to run several crucial errands, but you dread taking your preschooler and toddler along.

    Here's another one: ...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 422               Rate It

Be a Back-To-School Hero
    Well, it's that time of year again. Back-to-school has arrived.

    If you have school-age children, then you are busy buying school supplies and gett...

Status Information:        25-Aug-2002        Hits: 352               Rate It

Boy - Chasing on the Playground
    Q: I take my 6-year-old daughter to the playground a lot after school, and I've noticed a weird phenomenon: The girls tend to get together in p...

Status Information:        20-Apr-2003        Hits: 371               Rate It

Children cope with divorce, says study
    DIVORCE does not harm children in the large majority of cases, an American study claims.

    The conclusion, which runs counter to ...

Status Information:        15-Jan-2002        Hits: 370               Rate It

Coaching Youth Soccer
    Coaching Youth Soccer Coaching children at a young age is an extremely rewarding and challenging experience. Over the last two years I have had the pr...

Status Information:        12-Oct-2001        Hits: 355               Rate It

Decorating for kids made easy
    While there is a growing trend towards decorating kids' rooms, many parents still feel overwhelmed at the thought of redecorating. The décor team at C...

Status Information:        30-Apr-2003        Hits: 362               Rate It

Domestic Violence and childrens Buttons
    Two home-based strategies for secondary prevention of domestic violence have shown increasing use over the past decade. Personal radio alarms are indi...

Status Information:        25-Dec-2000        Hits: 522               Rate It

Effect of Divorce on Teen-agers
    Parenting: Teens Can Find Help, Support When their Parents Decide to Divorce

    Inspired by his own experience and the experience of...

Status Information:        9-Mar-2010        Hits: 326               Rate It

Effects of Divorce on Children
    Effects on Children

    In the last few years, higher-quality research which has allowed the "meta-analysis" of previous...

Status Information:        26-Oct-2003        Hits: 452               Rate It

Find the Good in Your Life as a Single Parent
    Being a single parent can be difficult. However, there are a lot of lifestyles that involve hard work, struggle, challenges and both wins and losses i...

Status Information:        22-Jul-2009        Hits: 523               Rate It

Free Money for Your Children Education
    Do you ever lie awake at night and ask yourself how your children would afford to get an education if you were gone? Now there's a program that can h...

Status Information:        22-Oct-2004        Hits: 332               Rate It

Hallowe'en BOO BOOs for Little Introverted Kids
    Hallowe’en is right around the corner. All the kids are really excited, right? Wrong. Not all children are as happy about Hallowe’en as you’d think...

Status Information:        18-Sep-2003        Hits: 318               Rate It

Handmade Gifts for Dad
    Here are a few inexpensive and heartfelt gift ideas for Dad:
    Framed Artwork

    Have your child draw or pai...

Status Information:        20-Dec-2000        Hits: 439               Rate It

Having Kids Can't Save Marriage
    Saving Marriage: Having a Baby Isn't Going to Help your Relationship, Experts Say

    Your marriage is in trouble. You wonder what to...

Status Information:        9-Mar-2010        Hits: 251               Rate It

Help in Planning a Child's Birthday Party
    Are you tired of the same old birthday parties at fast food restaurants every year? Are you ready for some new ideas? Let's see what resources we can ...

Status Information:        30-Nov-2002        Hits: 518               Rate It

Hot to Discipline Your Children using Emotional Intelligence
    It’s so clear when you’re sitting on the outside watching. There I was at the kitchen table in my friend’s house chatting with her while she fixed di...

Status Information:        5-Oct-2003        Hits: 498               Rate It

How can I tell if my child needs therapy as we go through this divorce?
    Many adults now acknowledge the benefit of a supportive professional as they face the challenges a divorce inevitably brings. But many parents are un...

Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 436               Rate It

How to Get Teens to Listen to What You Say
    "Idunno" becomes the answer of choice for children from ages 14 to 18. You would almost wonder if perhaps they had lost the power of speech, but some...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 280               Rate It

How Two Quarelling Kids Helped Invent the Better Behavior Wheel
    When David was nine and Laura was twelve, the battles started.

    Prior to that, they got along great. Laura was always protective of her little brot...

Status Information:        17-Sep-2004        Hits: 295               Rate It

Is Your Child Too Defiant?
    At school and with friends, Brian behaves like a perfectly ordinary nine-year-old. But at home, it's another story.

    Brian tests every limit: He o...

Status Information:        17-Jul-2002        Hits: 601               Rate It

Let Your Introverted Child Do What They Do Best - Read!
    As the IntrovertZCoach, my job is to help my introverted clients develop a positive self image. You see, for many years people didn't understand that ...

Status Information:        7-Sep-2003        Hits: 316               Rate It

Make Lemons into Lemonade: Use Positives for Disciplining Children
    If you find yourself using words like "don't...," "stop...," and "no" to discipline your child, try using positive words instead. Children need to be ...

Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 466               Rate It

Nail Biting Basics : Know about
    Nail biting in all its various forms is problematic behavior beset by peculiarity and contradiction. Technically speaking, the correct word for nail b...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 400               Rate It

Please Put Me Back Where You Found Me
    Parents who have introverted children wonder how to help them build a positive self image. We understand today that Introversion is a legitimate perso...

Status Information:        7-Sep-2003        Hits: 357               Rate It

Powerful Families, Powerful Lives
    Children come in all shapes and sizes. As they grow and learn new skills, we as parents are constantly and consistently challenged to grow with them. ...

Status Information:        11-Nov-2003        Hits: 370               Rate It

Raising Moral Kids
    It seems like everyone, educators and parents alike, is becoming concerned about our society?s children and their moral development. Newspapers are fu...

Status Information:        17-Jul-2002        Hits: 482               Rate It

Rights of Children of Divorce
    Children have the right to:

    1. Continue to love both parents without guilt or disapproval (subtle or overt) by either parent or other rela...

Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 428               Rate It

So Your Child is an Introvert
    Let me ask you a question. Are you ashamed that your child is an introvert? An honest answer to this question is a positive step toward improving yo...

Status Information:        7-Sep-2003        Hits: 339               Rate It

Support For Kids Cause Conflict
    Child support.  A term that causes so much conflict and animosity between parents, and yet it really shouldn’t.

    I overheard a mom, the custodial...

Status Information:        12-Sep-2009        Hits: 355               Rate It

Talking to Kids about War and Peace
    I only rarely watch TV, and I was reminded why last week when after just 30 seconds of viewing I was advised by an "expert" child psychologist that I ...

Status Information:        11-Apr-2003        Hits: 310               Rate It

Talking to Your Children About Sex
    Where do babies come from mum?” It’s that age-old question that many parents dread and which usually results in some waffled reply that they hope won...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 370               Rate It

The Parenting Golden Rule
    Treat all others as you would like to be treated yourself."

    The Golden Rule has proved its excellence as a moral guide since ancien...

Status Information:        8-Mar-2001        Hits: 586               Rate It

Too Much Child Care?
    "Parents and child care providers are up in arms about a
    study conducted by researchers at the University of
    Melbourne which purports to s...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 385               Rate It

Waldorf View: What is the Nine Year Change?
    The Ninth Year is a critical turning point in the development of the child. Wonderful and great changes begin to occur at around the age of nine. A ch...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 424               Rate It

What kind of a parent are you?
    You are responsible for your children’s health in many different forms, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and behavioral. As parents, we have to ...

Status Information:        8-Aug-2003        Hits: 431               Rate It

Wheel of Dreaded Consequences
    When David was nine and Laura was twelve, the battles started.

    Prior to that, they got along great. Laura was always protective of her lit...

Status Information:        11-Apr-2003        Hits: 364               Rate It

You Know You Have Small Children When…
    We have no idea how our lives will change once we have children. Then, we have them. In case you haven’t noticed, this may have happened to you, too. ...

Status Information:        18-Aug-2003        Hits: 359               Rate It

Your Home Is Not Broken
    Do your children live in a single parent family, or in a broken home? Do you realize that you have a family, even though there may be only one parent?...

Status Information:        12-Sep-2009        Hits: 368               Rate It

Your Introverted Child is Unique
    Introversion is a legitimate personality style, not a failure to be an extrovert. This is an important distinction and your understanding of it will h...

Status Information:        7-Sep-2003        Hits: 321               Rate It




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