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Parenting Alone Today

    Problems of Parenting Alone
    Many of the problems that single parents have are the same as those for two-parent families. But these problem...

Status Information:        28-Jan-2001        Hits: 3428               Rate It

Are you losing a Friend or gaining an Enemy?
    Itís easy to forget how important friendships are. Many extend beyond our personal lives into careers and family relationships. Having a friendship wi...

Status Information:        19-May-2003        Hits: 390               Rate It

Change Is All We Have
    What is it about change that we human beings deplore? Why does an altered course of direction leave us unsettled until it becomes routine? As parents,...

Status Information:        27-Aug-2003        Hits: 375               Rate It

Develop guts to achieve glory
    It is just amazing the amount of people who don't have the courage to go after their dreams.They sit around living a life they are not happy with an...

Status Information:        13-Nov-2003        Hits: 383               Rate It

Divorce and Denial-It's a Family Affair
    There is no joy without hardship. If not for death, would we appreciate life? If not for hate, would we know the ultimate goal is love? Ö At these m...

Status Information:        12-Sep-2008        Hits: 283               Rate It

From Singing to Signing
    "Rachel Coleman is my best friend, and just happens to be my little sister as well," jokes Emilie de Azevedo Brown about her 27-year-old sister. Refe...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 309               Rate It

How to use your pain to gain
    Pain. All of us have felt that emotion some time or the other. And
    most of us fear that heart-wrenching feeling that pain brings.We
    all have...

Status Information:        8-Jun-2003        Hits: 443               Rate It

If You Divorce You Will Have To Plant The Seeds
    If you're considering divorce you are not alone. There
    comes a time is most marriages when the decision to
    stay together or divorce must be...

Status Information:        23-Apr-2003        Hits: 392               Rate It

Learning From Life
    Do you ever find yourself thinking, "Life has taught me some tough lessons, and the scars do not heal easily."? This article can help you learn valuab...

Status Information:        14-Aug-2003        Hits: 530               Rate It

Mama Squared
    I knew having one child would change my entire life. I never thought adding a second to the equation would bring so many additional changes -- and cha...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 351               Rate It

Moving On
    Moving boxes make me think about the time my parents just got divorced. It was second grade and just after Christmas. (I guess spending Christmas of '...

Status Information:        15-Jun-2002        Hits: 392               Rate It

My Daughter's Crayons
    "Daddy, I want to color!" These are the first words out of my daughter's mouth every day when she dashes in our front door after kindergarten.

Status Information:        11-Apr-2003        Hits: 322               Rate It

My Divorce Experience
    When my parents got a divorce I was at the age of 4 it was hard for me having one of my parents leave. My father left me and my brother and sister. I ...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 455               Rate It

    My judge had a bad day
    when I went to court
    I had my documents in hand
    all I wanted was child support!


Status Information:        8-Mar-2001        Hits: 437               Rate It

New Study on Divorce; Findings Dispel Popular Myths

Status Information:        4-Oct-1998        Hits: 250               Rate It

Parenting - The Irrational Vocation
    There are some grounds to assume that a cognitive dissonance is involved in feeling that children are more a satisfaction than a nuisance. Why do pe...

Status Information:        14-Feb-2004        Hits: 340               Rate It

Should Children Work?
    Should children work? Many do, and the structure that allows this is surprisingly prejudiced. Political Correctness is keeping many others from a job....

Status Information:        22-May-2003        Hits: 390               Rate It

Sometimes a great notion from the Vatican
    One thing about being pope: You can call a spade a spade and not lose a wink over your popularity ratings. Thus, Pope John Paul II came right out and ...

Status Information:        6-Feb-2002        Hits: 331               Rate It

The Good Enough Family
    The families of the not too distant past were oriented along four axes. These axes were not mutually exclusive. Some overlapped, all of them enhanced ...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 560               Rate It

Thoughts on Parental Alienation Syndrome
    A single parent writes: "I am the custodial parent of a son. I am having trouble with how to deal with parental alienation syndrome, being infl...

Status Information:        4-Oct-2001        Hits: 634               Rate It

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