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The Caregiver

I'm going to step on some toes. But sometimes a little toe-stepping is necessary in order to tell the truth. I am here to encourage you as a mother, to help better your family.

I have seen a trend take place that I don't feel is healthy or beneficial for our children. It is the trend of Day Cares. I think Day Cares started out to be helpful and beneficial. Single moms needed help and some mothers were being forced to work for economical reasons. I am really glad they have somewhere to turn. What concerns me is how I see Day Cares replacing moms. Some women are doing this by choice.

Who potty trains children, teaches table manners, encourages self-esteem? Day Cares do, if you work. They help children with homework and discuss a child's day at school. I don't know about you, but I want to be the one who does all these things with my children! I want my children to get individual attention from me. I want them to feel unique and special. If they've had a bad day at school, I want it to be my arms that hold them. If they do something wrong, I want to teach them morals.

I'm not here to condemn anyone or to say that if you're a stay-at-home mom you are better than a mom who works. Because, we are all here to help each other and as mothers - we are a team.

I am here to make you ponder your choices and their affects on your children. Because once we have children, we can no longer put our desires ahead of their needs.

Seek out your heart and do what's best for your family. Your children will thank you for it.

Dionna Sanchez/Editor Emphasis On Moms
Emphasis encourages the woman inside of the mom!

Submitted by: Dionna Sanchez *

30-Jun-2003 Hits: 701 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 1 Rate It

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