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Top : Off The Cuff : How the Little Introvert Became an Extrovert for Hallowe’en 

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How the Little Introvert Became an Extrovert for Hallowe’en

One of my introverted readers tells me, “I have a little introvert become extrovert momentarily Hallowe’en story.” We’re all ears, aren’t we? Jeanne is a Guardian type introvert. There are eight different types of introverts. Jeanne writes: As a child I am sure you know I was very shy and timid with others. However when I was in the fifth grade, the school I was attending had a tradition of allowing everyone to wear their Hallowe’en costume in the afternoon, upon returning from lunch. In those days there was no cafeteria and no sack lunches. We all were sent home during the lunch hour. My mother made me a costume out of sheets that she had dyed red. She used a pillow case for a head covering. She tied the corners with red yarn to make horns, put it over my head, tied yarn around my neck and then slipped the sheet over my head. She had made a hole in the middle to go over my head and had sewed up the sides to make sleeves, so it was like a kimono. No one could possibly see who I was! All they could see were my hands and my feet. Because of this I felt very safe. We were supposed to sit in a different seat when we got back in our class room. The idea was to guess who each person was. I disguised my voice. No one, including the teacher, could identify me and I had such great fun answering all the silly questions in my goofy way. I learned something from that. I am an introvert because of my apprehension as well as being self conscious. That isn't the case now, but I have lived the life of an introvert for so long that I'm pretty good with the extrovert personality, too, and not just at Hallowe'en. That's right, Jeanne. The IntrovertZCoach recommends developing a personality or Persona to take with us to "state occasions". Don't leave home without it. You can learn more about this important aspect of introversion by visiting my website. Our gift to introverted children this time of year is to rehearse them on what's expected during each holiday celebration. For Hallowe'en, a costume that covers them from head to toe like Jeanne's can lend an aura of comfort to what might otherwise be a trying experience. Introverted kids don't enjoy a lot of fuss and bother and especially not in public! They are easily humiliated if they make mistakes in public. Please go over the guidelines and suggest some polite chatter if that's expected as well.

Submitted by: Nancy R. Fenn *  

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