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Top : Daily Thought : MY JUDGE HAD A BAD DAY!

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My judge had a bad day
when I went to court
I had my documents in hand
all I wanted was child support!

Perhaps the judge was hungry,
or else fought with his wife...
now his gavel's final blow
brings more challenge to my life.

Perhaps his back was aching,
with the hardness of his chair...
Or his Honor's parking spot
that morning wasn't there.

Did his children misbehave
sass back or not eat their dinner...
did he play the lottery
and not come up a winner?

Did he have indigestion,
and not had much relief
did his neighbors keep him up
so he couldn't get to sleep?

Was there no milk for his cereal
or clean socks for him to wear...
did he want to blow his nose
but had no kleenex anywhere?

Could there have been a fly
that he simply couldn't swat...
or perhaps he had a hot meal
that wasn't even hot.

It seems my judge was struggling
with the bad day that he had...
and I became the brunt of it
which is really very sad.

I don't understand this system of ours
where women from Venus...
can't get through to men from Mars.

What of the all parents
who struggle every day...
with family and work
and ex's who don't pay?

It's the children who suffer
with the decisions handed down...
playing god with a gavel
just doesn't seem sound.

Poems may be reprinted by permission of the writer only.

Jody Seidler is a writer and the creator of Making Lemonade-The Single Parent Network

Submitted by: Jody Seidler *

8-Mar-2001 Hits: 437 Rating: 9.67 Votes: 3 Rate It

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