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Book Review of Real World Guide to Happiness

Description: Advice from a dear friend

How many people can you go to with your troubles, and they always seem to have the right answers?
These people have a bright attitude about life, and their thoughts are a ray of light on your overcast day. It’s not like they got a degree in psychology, but they have earned wisdom from their life experiences. Now what happens during the times, when you really need their advice, but you are not able to reach them. If only they could publish the basic points of their wisdom, then you could pick a piece of their sunshine at your leisure.

“Real World Guide to Happiness” is like that printed piece of wisdom from a dear friend. Consider the text as “small nuggets collected over time”(pg 9) from someone who has probably experienced a few troubles, and learned how to find the ray of happiness in spite of them. The chapters Behavior, Ancillary Factors, Tidbits, and Happy Habits briefly cover many of the trials that everyone faces once in awhile, with give real world solutions. There’s “Having a positive outlook can definitely improve even the most difficult situation.” (pg 41) And, “Charity is an essential element of happiness.” (pg 58) Someone has probably shed these beams of thought on you before, but oftentimes we need a gentle reminder.

Mary Jesse is a wife and mother of three sons, and has a degree in Electrical Engineering. “Real World Guide to Happiness” is her labor of love from her passionate belief in everyone’s ability to live a happy, fulfilled, and successful life. I like how she writes about generic problems, such as giving yourself a break, family, and travel. She touches a wide variety people, because we all have more of the same experiences, than differences. Although we don’t learn about her personal life events, which gave her this wisdom, I still enjoyed her thoughts on happiness. I recommend “Real World Guide to Happiness” for those who don’t have a shoulder to cry on, and need some immediate TLC.

By: Mary Jesse
Published by:

Submitted by: Judine Slaughter *  

24-Nov-2003         Hits: 314     Rating: 0     Votes: 0      Rate It

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