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The Power of Women

Do you want to believe in romantic love again? Are you dreams of handsome prince carrying you away to a beautiful home gone away? You not alone, do you believe that romance will never come back into your life? Why? You have the power in you to turn everything around. Sometimes will place the blame on men, but have you ever consider what you bring into your relationship, are you the same women that he married? Or have your emotions or your feelings gotten the better of you? Most men will never show any emotions, it makes them feel weak and some men will even feel helpless at the thought of showing you any emotion, some men believe that emotions are only for women, if only they knew how wrong they are.

If you want more love, passion, companionship, and romance in your life with you men you have to do your part. We hold the key to their need for sex thatís why some men feel weak in the presence of women they are attracted to. Being a woman is a very powerful thing, we can do anything we set our mind to. We have so much power, we are creative in everything we do, we give birth to our children, we are sisters, best friends, mothers and daughters, we like to make everything around us beautiful. Men are happy when they are married, but it is us who always press for marriage, because like in all fairy tales we sometimes believe that getting married is the way to living happily ever after, but what the princess in the fairy tales never say is what happens after. We will be happy, but when our expectation fall short we put the blame on the men. Some men lose the satisfaction they got out of bringing happiness to the women they married, they canít compete with a women who complains and tries to manipulate them, and is disappointed in them, he will get defensive and love dies. Some men need to be understood they donít want to be changed, he wants to be the men you fell in love with, He will not try to change you. When he fell in love with you it was you not the person you would become. Men know that we want to change them and they hated it means that you are not happy with the way they are.

Donít focus on what makes you unhappy, focus on communicating your needs for romance in a loving way, this will help him pay more attention to your needs. Men appreciated a women who makes him fell like a men. Men need to feel understood and accepted for who they are. Sometimes we blame men for all the bad things other men did to us in the past, they donít deserve that, because every men is special and unique in there own way. For a happy marriage full of love, passion, and caring companionship, you must see your partner differently, which in turn will make you treat him differently, and when that happens he will fall all over himself to make you happy again, remember you are a very important person in your partners life. Realize that you are the women he loves and trust, be there for him no matter what, listening to everything he has to say. You have the power to make your men fall in love with you all over again; there are many things that you can do. Like dress sexy for him. Make and appointment with him for a special night to make love, create a romantic atmosphere with candles, wear sexy outfit, feed each other chocolate covered strawberries or grapes, some good wine, or for a special occasion a bottle of champagne, play some sensual music, by the end youíll both be so in love you will feel dizzy, your sexual energy will flow and you find yourself looking forward to that special night again and again.

Enjoy being a women with power, variety is the spice of life.

By: Maria Colon

Submitted by: maria colon * †

13-Oct-2004 ††††††† Hits: 293 ††† Rating: 0 ††† Votes: 0 †††† Rate It

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