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My Divorce Experience

When my parents got a divorce I was at the age of 4 it was hard for me having one of my parents leave. My father left me and my brother and sister. I did not suspected anything cause thet did not agruee in front of me. and we did not even think of are parents spliting up . I can still remeber the smell and the music that we were listening to in the car on the way to school my mother told us our father would not be living with us anymore and we asked her why and she said that mommy and daddy could not get along anymore and she said that it was not our faluts. then she said that mommy and daddy were getting somthing called a divorce then everyone in the car started to cry cause we did not understand what a divorce was. When my mother picked us up that day after school we went home and our father was not there and all of his stuff was gone. What I remember is not to good because that year did not get ant better Because my mother had a hard time bring in the money we had no food and even sometimes we would have to go next door and ask yhe neighbors if we could have a little bit of food cause we had none and then you think tings could not get ant better my mother lost her scond jod so she olny had one job and that was not enough for our rent so we got kicked out of our apartment after that I started to hate my fatherfor leaving my mother cause everybody was telling me he was nothing he had no money to give my mom to help her out with three kids. I thought the way it was handled was not very good

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