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Top : Book Review : Beat Him At His Own Divorce!

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Beat Him At His Own Divorce!

The author of Beat Him At His Own Divorce! is a man, Ted Knight. It is the result of his work with several women whose husbands walked out on them after 25 or more years. They did not know what to do or where to begin. This book contains the lessons that proved successful in helping them "Beat Him At His Own Divorce!" Every woman who has read the book has either said it got them through a very difficult time or, if she was already divorced, wished it had been available when she was going through that very difficult time. The purpose of the book is to empower women at a time of emotional devestation and help them substitute logic for emotion thereby improving their ability to make good decisions for themselves and look after their best interests. It is easy to read. So many books about some aspect of divorce are not easily understood and the readers are not in the best emotional state to learn the material they contain. The techniques suggested in "Beat Him At His Own Divorce!" have been practically tested both in the business world and in real-life divorce situations -- they have demonstrated their utility, time and again. Among the topics addressed are: how to organize the work of divorce, how to maintain resolve, how to determine divorce goals, what information is needed and where to get it, tips for managing the lawyers, accountants and other members of the "divorce team", how to negotiate for and protect better settlements and what to say to the children/grandchildren and mutual friends. Additionally, suggestions are offered for dealing with topics such as revenge, inspiration, humor and the aftermath of divorce. Often the lessons are reinforced by humorous vignettes about what happened or did not happen in the divorce situations that Mr. Knight assisted. "Beat Him At His Own Divorce!" is probably one of the best investments a woman can make after she hears those shattering words, "I want a divorce." Additionally, all readers are invited to contact Mr. Knight (the instructions are in the Foreword to the book) with questions they might have about the material in the book.

The author, Ted Knight , November 7, 1999
Thank you Lorna Wendt for your review in "Talk" magazine!
I was pleased to read Lorna Wendt's kind comments in her interview in the premier issue of "Talk" magazine. As founder of, she indicated that she tells women who first come to her about divorce to get a good attorney, save all the financial information they can recover and read my book, "Beat Him At His Own Divorce!" to replace emotion with logic and learn how to select the right professionals and manage their productivity. That is exactly why I wrote the book in the first place -- to help women at a very critical time muster the resources they need to fight back.

About the Author
Ted Knight is a management consultant. He has worked with public and private sector clients for almost three decades helping them to find logic and develop accuracy in their decision-making. As a result of his professional work, he was requested by several women, who had been left by their husbands after several decades of marriage, to help them sort out the problems of dealing with their husbands' divorces. Mr. Knight responded with techniques he has used in business and was successful in helping them develop logic out of chaos. Mr. Knight and his wife of 32 years live in Arlington, VA. They have three adult children and recently became grandparents for the first time. Mr. Knight holds a Bachelor of Arts from George Mason University and a Master of Hospital Administration from The Medical College of Virginia. He is president of Washington Consulting & Management Associates, Inc.

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Submitted by: Ted Knight *

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