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Joint Custody With a Jerk : Raising a Child With an Uncooperative Ex

Below is the synopsis of the book, I have tried to use the suggestions, and though they work on everyone else I have to deal with as a result of a divorce it does not work on my Ex. I have loads of email to prove this statement. I can say that it does help in relationships in general. So I will say this is a handy book to have.

The author, Co-Author Judy Corcoran
, July 18, 1996
For divorced mom's & dad's dealing with a pain-in-the-ex!

Family Life magazine said, "In many ways, dealing with an uncooperative former spouse is like dealing with a difficult child: You've got to set limits, express your feelings clearly, and pick you battles with care. The authors' strategies for mediating the many issues in a separated parent's life are apt and easy to apply."

In our book, "Joint Custody With A Jerk: Raising A Child With An Uncooperative Ex," you'll find tools and techniques that will help you change the dynamics of your relationship with your pain-in-the-ex by changing how you communicate with him or her.

Some of our techniques include delivering "I messages," a non-combative communication formula that states how you feel and what you want changed, and how allowing your ex to experience the natural consequences of his or her actions will bring change, too. Determining whether it's your problem or your ex's can show you which problems are worth your time to tackle. If the problem exists between your ex and your child, we give tips for helping your child deal directly with your ex, thus removing you from the divorce- communication triangle.

"Joint Custody With a Jerk " draws on many negotiating techniques as well as how to develop an empowering attitude. Readers are advised to prepare for meetings with their ex, to have an "out" ready, and to know what they want before they start. When you reframe your marital relationship into a business relationship, you can find happiness even if your ex is a jerk!

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Submitted by: Julie A. Ross *

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