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Coaches Or Judges?


Expectations frame how we see ourselves and
others in a variety of life settings.

For instance, I have often found myself
feeling a range of emotions (sometimes
not so good!) when I "preview" in my mind
what I *think* may happen in a certain

What I will say
What I will feel
How others will react

And when I do... I usually develop what
might be termed "an emotional mind-set" that
I carry with me into that setting.

As you know, that can either be good or bad!


In short, our expectations carry with them a
certain "power." They have the power to
build healthy relationships or destroy those

It is not much different in our own lives.
How we see ourselves thinking and acting
in a variety of situations will tend to
be the force which motivates us to higher
living or causes us to come up short in terms
of living up to our full potential.


The question then becomes:

Will the expectations we hold of ourselves
and others become the "coaches" which
challenge us to live lives of excellence or
the "judges" that sentence us to live out our
lives imprisoned within the confines of our
own self-imposed limitations?


In my way of thinking, whether or not the
"judge" or "coach" wins in any given situation
is largely determined by what these two words

1. Truth
2. Discipline


Truthful thinking must prevail if the "coach"
is to win! That means...

*Generalizations can't be allowed to
to prevail or go unchecked
*Fears must be placed in their proper
*Evaluations of myself and others must be
based on reality instead of the emotions
of the moment

But something else is needed if the coach is
to win...


I must *discipline* myself to think those
truthful thoughts.


Because the training of my mind and heart
means time and effort on my part. There is
simply no way around it!

Time and time again I must say "No!" to the
wrong thoughts and "Yes!" to the right ones!

In order for healthy expectations to win the
day, I must *repeatedly* hold up the shield
of truth as I engage the forces of false
thinking in the battlefield of my mind.


I trust that the "coach" is winning in your
life! That is, your expectations are based
on truth and are...

*Propelling you toward living a life of
*Assisting you in building healthy
relationships with others


May the truthful and positive expectations
you have of yourself and others lead to many,
many beautiful moments in time for you --
both now and always!


Lee is a seminary administrator, has a part-
time business at home, and writes his own
motivational mailing entitled "A Beautiful
Moment In Time." Permission is given to
distribute article. This entire paragraph
must be included. You may contact him at or by visiting here --

Submitted by: Lee Wise *

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