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Choosing A College Or University

There are many factors to consider when choosing a college or university. Cost, location, size, and admission requirements all contribute to decision regarding where to go to school.

The single biggest components that will affect how much learning occurs in college is college and class size. I went to a liberal arts college of about 5,000 students which had no graduate school. This means that I had PhDs teaching my classes and not graduate teaching assistants. This helped me tremendously because I had plenty of one on one interaction with my professors.

If you prefer to go to a larger institution, try to take classes with a small number students per class. I have found that the smaller the class, the better the learning experience. In other words, find your niche within the school. Depending on how well the system within the college is set up, this can range from easy to a nightmare. Big state universities have anywhere from 20,000-30,000 students attending them and it could be a challenge to figure it out without good guidance.

Location is another consideration. I attended colleges close to my home(East coast) for my undergraduate education because I did not need the party scene. I later moved out to the Midwest for graduate school.

If you are considering a school just because it's a 6 hour drive away from home, I think you need to reevaluate why you want to go to college. Costs double by living at a school. Secondly, the behavior of most students in dorm rooms is pretty wild. It's possible to get a good education and have a social life and not live in an animal house setting. Sure you may want to have a little more freedom, which is great, but you have to see the big picture.

Cost is a factor in attending a school, but it must be considered in the big picture. What are you getting for your money? You have ivy league schools, a notch below that or private schools and elite state schools, and the rest of the state schools. This is a simplified categorization but it's simply to illustrate that there are different levels regarding cost and reputation.

Admission requirements ultimately determine where you are going to school. The better your grades and test scores are the better chance of you getting into the school of your choice. Recently, there is a move to put more emphasis on essays and admission interviews in this case prpare the best you can. If and when you get accepted into several schools, you have to examine the college as a whole and not just if you get accepted or not.

Consider the many factors involved in making the decision of which college to attend. After weighing all your options make the best decision for you. College and class size play a major role in how well students learn. Furthermore, costs increase by living at a school, but also give you more freedom and a chance to grow. Admission requirements ultimately decide which institutions you will attend. If you get admitted into more than one school take the above factors into consideration when making your decision.

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Submitted by: Joe Wakeley *

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