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Self - Confidence and Motivation : Student

Self confidence and motivation will take you more places and enable you to achieve more things than almost anything in the world. Without confidence in your abilities your self esteem and accomplishments will be fleeting. In an academic environment it's crucial to believe in your ability, many times nobody else will (professors and other educrats).

When I went back to school I did not lack for confidence because I attacked the subject matter. Fear grows from inaction; action kills fear. I did not cower in a corner crying that I did not want to take this required course or was scared or did not like the professor or whatever.

Attack the subject matter. Read all you can on it, including a secondary reference such as an old textbook that you can get from the school library. Another good reference is a guideline type of workbook that will allow you to go over hard to understand topics. For example, Schaum's Outline Series, has plenty of workable problems.

There is no reason to be intimidated by any class or professor. Shift your mindset from the professor and he/she is trying to help me and you love me and I love you to a more aggressive stance. For example, if you need help in a subject go to office hours or after class and tell the instructor and ask for help. You will have to do some of the work yourself. Take a proactive stance. Getting good grades and staying motivated and confident go hand in hand. Psychologically you have to be strong.

I wrote down affirmations on index cards and posted them on my bedroom mirror and repeated them on a regular basis. I also used these affirmation index cards as bookmarks for my books so I had to read them when I opened the book up. Some of the affirmations that I used are: I can learn anything I want to, I deserve to succeed as much as anybody, and I believe I have the power to achieve what I want.

Staying motivated and confident is essential for college success. You must confront your fears and take action. Immerse yourself in a subject and master it and you won't lack for confidence, again. You also must stay motivated which is easier when you experience successes. Finally, use affirmations or any other good motivational material to keep you focused.

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Submitted by: Joe Wakeley *

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