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Marital Misconduct : Does It Count

    Even though your state may be a no-fault divorce state, it doesn't mean that you or your spouse won't have to answer in some way for any misbehavior ...

Status Information:        19-Jun-2001        Hits: 573               Rate It

Joint Custody and Shared Parenting
    What the Research Says, What Parents Say.

    To see the importance of shared parenting, consider how you, as an adult, would feel if you could see yo...

Status Information:        23-Nov-2000        Hits: 1839               Rate It

Screening for Family Violence
    There is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against the use of specific screening instruments to detect family viol...

Status Information:        10-Feb-2002        Hits: 1118               Rate It

The Changing Face of Welfare
    How the New System Offers Hope for the Underclass

    When President Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opport...

Status Information:        28-Jan-2003        Hits: 943               Rate It

The Fatherhood Movement
    Throughout the United States, more than one-third of children don't live with their biological fathers, and about 17 million of those children don't l...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 2442               Rate It

A Parent's Guide to Children & Divorce
    DON'T Lie to your children with stories like "Dad is visiting relatives". Children know if you are tr...

Status Information:        3-Feb-2004        Hits: 464               Rate It

Child Abuse Investigator; The US Contitionion Applies To ThemToo
    Social workers learn that U.S. Constitution applies to child abuse investigations U.S. Court of Appeals is unanimous: CPS cannot trample home school f...

Status Information:        30-Dec-2000        Hits: 487               Rate It

Child Support Recovery Act
    Crimes Against Children
    Not all crimes against children involve physical violence. Some, such as...

Status Information:        17-Aug-2004        Hits: 552               Rate It

Custody Evaluations
    In most states when there is a custody dispute, the Court appoints a custody evaluator. Depending on your state, that evaluator may work for Court Ser...

Status Information:        3-Feb-2004        Hits: 775               Rate It

Ex-Gator Maxwell back in jail over child support
    SEATTLE - Former NBA and Florida Gators star Vernon Maxwell was jailed in Washington state after his arrest on an outstanding warrant from Florida cha...

Status Information:        26-Jan-2010        Hits: 272               Rate It

Federal Judge reinstates case against social worker
    Federal Judge reinstates case against social worker Unanimous Federal Appeals ruling opens door for 4th Amendment justice Federal Judge reinstat...

Status Information:        3-Dec-2000        Hits: 517               Rate It

How to Have a Friendly Divorce
    Okay -- so despite our best intentions, the marriage doesn't always work out. People change, fall out of love, decide to live differently either alon...

Status Information:        28-Jan-2003        Hits: 458               Rate It

International Parental Kidnapping
    Divorce rates continue to rise and our world grows smaller with each leap in technology making international travel commonplace. With these societal ...

Status Information:        3-Feb-2004        Hits: 473               Rate It

Know The Divorce Rules
    The trauma of divorce at times is unavoidable. There are many issues that require immediate legal assistance. These include alimony and child custody ...

Status Information:        22-Jul-2008        Hits: 348               Rate It

Marital Misconduct
    Even though your state may be a no-fault divorce state, it doesn't mean that you or your spouse won't have to answer in some way for any misbehavior d...

Status Information:        30-Dec-2000        Hits: 762               Rate It

Marital Torts, The New Way to Handle Fault in a Divorce?

    According to a legal dictionary, a tort is a private or civil wrong or injury that results "from a breach of a legal duty that exists by society'...

Status Information:        18-Sep-2004        Hits: 345               Rate It

Mothers of the 'disappeared' speak out
    May 11th is Mother's Day, a time to celebrate and show appreciation for our mothers and grandmothers. It is also an occasion to recognize the special ...

Status Information:        30-Apr-2003        Hits: 392               Rate It

Recognizing Abuse in A Legal Divorce
    Abuse isn't limited to acts of physical battery and domestic violence. It can be emotional or psychological, too. The methods used by an abuser can be...

Status Information:        30-Dec-2000        Hits: 586               Rate It

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