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Discipline And The Single Dad

    It was tough when you were a couple.
    It's even more challenging - and important now.

    At o...

Status Information:        7-Aug-2001        Hits: 1526               Rate It

Single Fathers Defined!
    There is widespread disagreement ... on a socially accepted definition for "Single Fathers."

    Here they are simply defined as "Men who have a chi...

Status Information:        25-Dec-2000        Hits: 2086               Rate It

Accepting Your Kids Mistakes
    One of the most difficult parts of being a father is learning to accept your childrenˇ¦s mistakes. Itˇ¦s certainly easy to be loving, supportive, and ...

Status Information:        28-Aug-2003        Hits: 358               Rate It

Are You Supported As A Father?
    Strong compassionate fathering and grand-fathering are essential gifts given to us by the conscientious men of our society. On Father's Day we honor ...

Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 497               Rate It

Divorced Dads- Making the Most of Visitation
    Many divorced fathers are faced with the reality of visitation- an often negotiated, mediated and all too brief time they are able to spend with their...

Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 519               Rate It

Father - Daughter Dates
    I have a neighbor girl who goes on dates with her dad. When I first heard this I thought, "What a wonderful idea!" She shared with me how special thes...

Status Information:        22-May-2003        Hits: 382               Rate It

Fathering, an Option?
    Recently the issue whether lesbians or single women should have the right to the access of IVF treatment has brought about the argument of the importa...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 654               Rate It

Fathers - What to Talk to Your Kids About
    As a parent educator I meet many families each year.  Most of them are just like yours and mine. Functional in some areas, dysfunctional in others and...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 230               Rate It

Fathers, Tell Your Stories!
    Fathers Tell Your Stories!

    I must admit to having a fear that I believe I share with many fathers. I fear that I will some day be insignificant to...

Status Information:        8-Oct-2003        Hits: 402               Rate It

How a 21st Century Dad Can Have a Positive Impact on His Children
    In the 50’s, the stereotypical values of parental roles were more rigidly defined. The man made the money, and the mother took care of the children. ...

Status Information:        6-Jul-2003        Hits: 511               Rate It

If I Can't Be The Father I Want to Be, I Will Be No Father At All
    (Addresses the failure of fathers to utilize the visitation system to become an active part of their children's lives.)

    We all know a brother l...

Status Information:        17-Aug-2004        Hits: 363               Rate It

Single, Custodial Fathers
    Single, custodial fathers are men who have accepted the primary responsibility of rearing their children (having sole custody a minimum of 5 days a we...

Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 827               Rate It

Taking Your Kids Perspective
    "As a child, the critical eye of my father seemed to follow me around wherever I went." (Arthur C. Clarke)

    It's quite easy for most father...

Status Information:        31-Dec-2003        Hits: 334               Rate It




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