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10 Single Parent Resolutions

    Feel guilty because your childrenís dad/mom isnít involved? Feel guilty because your kids arenít being raised in a “traditional” family...

Status Information:        13-Nov-2009        Hits: 889               Rate It

Building Strong Single-Parent Families
    What is a Family?

    Families have always been diverse, but today we see more families who have experienced divorce and remarriage. Families come in a...

Status Information:        4-May-2004        Hits: 2472               Rate It

Divorce & Single Parenting
    Today, many marriages end in divorce and in many cases parents are choosing joint custody arrangements for their children. This means that any major d...

Status Information:        14-Aug-2003        Hits: 2424               Rate It

Divorce is Up 700%
    The number of children who were living with only one of their biological parents from 1900 to 1972 increased by 700%. Can we call this beneficial on t...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 1712               Rate It

Empower Your Child to Make Right Choices
    With this simple 10 minute solution

    It has been said, "The three best ways to teach are by example, by example and by example." Many parents have...

Status Information:        6-Oct-2002        Hits: 993               Rate It

How To Establish A Conflict Free Co-parenting Experience
    Has it crossed anyone's mind that single parents ought to have it as easy as married parents?
    If both parents have agreed to parent coope...

Status Information:        12-Jan-2001        Hits: 1841               Rate It

Joint Custody With a Jerk : Raising a Child With an Uncooperative Ex
    Below is the synopsis of the book, I have tried to use the suggestions, and though they work on everyone else I have to deal with as a result of a div...

Status Information:        19-Jun-2001        Hits: 1676               Rate It

Surviving As A Single Parent: Seven Suggestions To Make Your Life Easier
    Need a little help focusing on what your kids need? Sometimes it's hard to remember day to day what our job is as a parent. For twelve areas that you ...

Status Information:        21-Oct-2002        Hits: 3023               Rate It

18 Great Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day if You Aren't a 'Couple'
    When we think of Valentineís Day, we tend to think of a man and a woman celebrating together. If you arenít paired at this time, here are 18 great w...

Status Information:        28-Jan-2003        Hits: 423               Rate It

A Lesson in Family History
    Several years ago I attended my grandfather's funeral. Living into his late eighties, my grandfather had lived a long, eventful life, first with my fa...

Status Information:        22-May-2003        Hits: 417               Rate It

Are You Placing Your Child in Danger?
    More than ever before it has become absolutely crucial for people to pay attention to their surroundings and the people they meet. There are now hundr...

Status Information:        18-Feb-2004        Hits: 516               Rate It

Chasing After Child Support
    Child support is often a source of contention between ...divorced parents of minor children. I understand this. I have been there. In an ideal situati...

Status Information:        30-Jun-2003        Hits: 476               Rate It

Developing a Successful Joint Custody Arrangement
    You've finally got your divorce decree and you feel you can now breathe a big sigh of relief. You may even be thinking, "no more divorce attorneys, no...

Status Information:        19-Feb-2004        Hits: 392               Rate It

Discipline and Consistency
    We often hear that good parenting means consistency and discipline, but rarely does anyone ever stop to explain what that means. Let's start with disc...

Status Information:        22-Jul-2009        Hits: 448               Rate It

Divorce and Successful Shared Parenting
    Divorce & Single Parenting
    Today, many marriages end in divorce and in many cases parents are choosing joint custody arrangements for their chi...

Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 633               Rate It

Divorce Schemes & Power Games
    Divorce can be a dirty business when in the hands of lawyers who play power games to gain an unfair advantage over the other side. The same applies fo...

Status Information:        18-Sep-2004        Hits: 311               Rate It

Effective Parenting - How to Turn Disrespectful Kids into Respectful Chil
    Effective parenting: building character in kids takes vision.

    When 6-year-old Johnny asked his mom, "Can little kids cook?" She ...

Status Information:        22-Jul-2009        Hits: 433               Rate It

Eight Things Churches Can Do To Support Single Moms
    1) Provide a ministry solely for single parents.† ...

Status Information:        18-Apr-2003        Hits: 698               Rate It

Families Facing Divorce
    Perhaps the troubles in your marriage are so severe you have either decided to divorce or are seriously considering taking that step. You may be askin...

Status Information:        4-May-2004        Hits: 493               Rate It

Family Composition Changing, Census Report Shows
    Significant changes in America's household and family composition have
    occurred in the past 25 years with a smaller than ever proportion of

Status Information:        25-Feb-2003        Hits: 639               Rate It

Family Time At Dinner Time
    When was the last time that the whole family sat down for dinner? Last night? Last week? Last month? So long ago, that you are unable to remember?

    Status Information:        17-Jul-2002        Hits: 481               Rate It

    Help your child with school by getting involved
      According to a new nationwide survey, Canadian parents understand the importance of getting involved in their children's education.

      In fact, ...

    Status Information:        30-Apr-2003        Hits: 346               Rate It

    How to Become a Parent Advocate
      Parenting can be a challenging job. Parenting a child with special needs has all of the usual challenges and then some! To be effective you must not...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 417               Rate It

    How to Ease the Trauma of Relocating for Children
      Every year, one out of five American families move. One of the most important issues to anyone with kids is their reaction to the news that they're mo...

    Status Information:        30-Nov-2002        Hits: 424               Rate It

    How to Grow Your Own Parent Support Group
      Parent support groups are a terrific way for parents facing similar, challenging situations in life to offer each other encouragement, share ideas, an...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 433               Rate It

    It's Okay if Things are a Little Different at Nana's
      My granddaughter has great parents and also great grandparents, and we all do things differently.

      As parents, we love our children and al...

    Status Information:        14-Jun-2003        Hits: 338               Rate It

    Making Joint Custody Work
      In order to make joint custody work, parents must work hard to always put the best interests of the children first. Co-parenting after divorce takes a...

    Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 427               Rate It

    MNR Syndrome Ė Do Your Children Have it?
      There is a new syndrome that has swept through my household. It is contagious, has frightful symptoms, and leaves a messy trail in its wake. It is cal...

    Status Information:        14-Aug-2003        Hits: 483               Rate It

    My child wonít share, what can I do?
      Years ago my husband and I attended a parenting class and one thing that stands out in my mind from that course was something very simplistic that the...

    Status Information:        14-Aug-2003        Hits: 312               Rate It

    Nonresidential Parenting After Divorce
      When we think about a single parent, we generally mean the parent with whom children live after divorce. But the nonresidential parent the parent the ...

    Status Information:        4-May-2004        Hits: 403               Rate It

    Parent With The Current
      The phrase "single parent" is new for the twenty-first century. Men and women are designed to repopulate and raise their children together, not singl...

    Status Information:        23-Apr-2003        Hits: 596               Rate It

    Restoring Family Values
      The other evening I was doing something I usually do not do anymore Ė watching the local news on television. The reason why I refrain from watching th...

    Status Information:        23-Apr-2003        Hits: 429               Rate It

    Single Parenting in the Summer
      During the school year it can be difficult enough for single parents to keep kids cared for and out of trouble, but when summer arrives and school act...

    Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 475               Rate It

    Single Parenting through the Holidays
      Holidays after a divorce can be very difficult. Holidays with children after a divorce can be worse, even terrifying. Whether this is "your year" with...

    Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 430               Rate It

    Single Parents Enjoy Playgroups Too!
      As a single parent, your life is a juggling act. You need to meet deadlines at work, keep up your home, spend time with your child, and you need some ...

    Status Information:        29-May-2003        Hits: 411               Rate It

    Summer Anti-Boredom List
      Before summer vacation turns into a boredom fest, sit down
      as a family and make a summer anti-boredom list. Write down
      a mixture of long o...

    Status Information:        8-Jun-2003        Hits: 322               Rate It

    Teaching Your Child Emotional Intelligence
      EQ accounts more for your childís success and happiness in life than IQ. What are you doing to develop your childís emotional intelligence? The best ...

    Status Information:        7-Sep-2003        Hits: 420               Rate It

    The Competent Divorce
      Based on a thorough review of the literature and the research on children of divorce, the following summary conclusions may be drawn and used as gui...

    Status Information:        22-Feb-2004        Hits: 381               Rate It

    The Importance of Routines
      At 8:30 p.m. at the Osborne family house in Burlington, Vermont, an exemplary bedtime process is underway. The three children are upstairs changing in...

    Status Information:        20-Apr-2003        Hits: 397               Rate It

      Statistical tables that show information on the marital status of the
      nation's population and their living arrangements were released today by th...

    Status Information:        25-Feb-2003        Hits: 509               Rate It

    The Tooth Fairy Has Lost Her Wings
      A couple years back I wrote an article entitled ďLiar, Liar,Ē having to do with Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. All those mythic fig...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 315               Rate It

    The X Factor: Dealing With Our Exs
      When we have children, the other parent is [in one way or another] a part of our lives forever. Even with uninvolved fathers, somehow conversat...

    Status Information:        30-Jun-2003        Hits: 436               Rate It

    Tips for dating a single mom
      1) Be understanding. As you may know, most single moms canít drop everything on a whim to spend time with the men in their lives. However, with the ...

    Status Information:        18-Apr-2003        Hits: 459               Rate It

    Top Ten Ways to Support Someone in Being Their Best
      One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to support ourselves and others in living at our highest and best. Whether we're parents, partners, fr...

    Status Information:        30-Nov-2002        Hits: 473               Rate It

    What About Adoption?
      Most people donít give adoption much thought. We tend to see it as a fine thing in a vague sort of way but weíre sure itís not for us.

      I would ha...

    Status Information:        28-Jan-2003        Hits: 482               Rate It

    What Parents Can Do to Help Children Adjust to Divorce
      If you are divorced or in the process of getting a divorce, you may be concerned about the effects it may have on your child or children. In light of ...

    Status Information:        16-Apr-2003        Hits: 461               Rate It

    When Dad comes back he will tell me he loves me
      When my Dad comes back he will tell me he Loves me. My brother was killed in a tragic accident in his early 30ís. His pregnant wife and three daught...

    Status Information:        11-Apr-2004        Hits: 324               Rate It

    When Dad says I Love You
      My brother was killed in a tragic accident in his early 30ís. His pregnant wife and three daughters, under the age of 5, survived him. Many lives w...

    Status Information:        11-Apr-2004        Hits: 297               Rate It

    When Little Kids Curse
      Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Unless they come from the mouths of babesómy babes, that is. I'll never forget when...

    Status Information:        20-Apr-2003        Hits: 338               Rate It

    When The Kids Won't Listen
      Are you about to drive a nail into your head? Have the kiddies made you so crazy that youíve asked your partner to smack you right between the eyes wi...

    Status Information:        19-May-2003        Hits: 388               Rate It

    Who Cares What They Say About Our Families
      Even in today's sophisticated society, single parent families are often stigmatized and thoughtlessly perceived as not entirely as functional as two p...

    Status Information:        18-Apr-2003        Hits: 615               Rate It

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