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Blended Families Can Be Successful

    Many families today are blending members from past relationships. It would be easy to give up when faced with all the conflicting methods of parenting...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 193               Rate It

Children 'safer with biological parent'
    An Australian study of more than 900 coronial inquiries into child deaths from violence or accident appears to bear out theories of the so-called Cind...

Status Information:        22-Nov-2009        Hits: 210               Rate It

Loving Your Step-Children
    Loving your step-child can be both simple and hard. It is not enough for parents, step parents and extended family to feel a deep glow of love for th...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 175               Rate It

Step-Dad Strategies to Build Better Blended Families
    As I travel about the country talking to parents and day care providers questions come up often on how to gain respect and unity from a blended family...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 153               Rate It

Step-Families - You Are Not My Daddy!
    It is important that it takes time, effort and a great deal of patience to blend two families. Just because the adults have gone through a marriage ce...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 207               Rate It

Step-Parent Success - 7 Easy Steps
    Being a step parent does not mean being stepped on or walked over like a doormat. It also does not have to be hard, frustrating and disruptive to dai...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 181               Rate It

Stepdad Or Stepped on Dad
    Stepdad, hmmm, does that mean that you are available to be stepped on or walked over?  No, you are not a stepped on dad.  You are an importa...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 161               Rate It

Stepkids Need to Do Chores Too - Helping Family Builds Trust
    As I go around the country teaching parenting and family relationship communication, I frequently hear about step-kids having more than sibling rivalr...

Status Information:        27-Feb-2010        Hits: 174               Rate It

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