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The Working, Single Mother Primary Care Vs. Secondary Care

    Comparing its structure and function as it was in 1960 with what it had become in 1990 can highlight the dramatic changes in the American family. Unti...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 1035               Rate It

Working Mother
    The interaction of adults and children is one to be treasured. When a person becomes a parent they change. He/she instantly becomes more mature and ar...

Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 1133               Rate It

10 Steps to Help You Fill Your Grocery Bag
    Learn If You or Someone You Know Might Be Eligible for Food Stamps

    Status Information:        30-Oct-2004        Hits: 272               Rate It

    5 Ways To Get Experience In A Newly - Acquired Skill
      Career development requires a commitment to learning new skills. But, for the stay-at-home parent desiring to begin or change jobs in a home-based ca...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 316               Rate It

    Advice For Single Parents On Getting Financial Help
      Many governments, social institutes and religious organization around the world are now recognizing the value and nobility of single parenting.

    Status Information:        22-Jul-2007        Hits: 363               Rate It

    Affordable housing: HUD Section 8
      How much rent will I have to pay if I have a Section 8 vouche...

    Status Information:        12-Nov-2009        Hits: 338               Rate It

    Am I A Better Mom Because I Work From Home?
      Each week I receive letters from readers of my
      daily work-at-home ezine pleading for help in
      finding a telecommuting position. Sometimes, ...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 353               Rate It

    Coaches Or Judges?

      Expectations frame how we see ourselves and
      others in a variety of life settings.

      For instance, I have often...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 309               Rate It

    Excerpt from 2nd Edition of Profitable Email Publishing
      Ah, I've heard it all by now, mainly from my ex-husband and ex-inlaws. "You spend too much time on the computer." "You'll never make any money at that...

    Status Information:        8-Mar-2002        Hits: 299               Rate It

    Family Matters: Easing the Transition to a Home Business
      Ask any would-be entrepeneur why he or she wants to start
      a home based business and you'll get a wide variety of
      replies. Regardless of th...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 295               Rate It

    Finding Your Ideal Career or Business
      Want a career (or business) that brings a smile to your
      heart? Don't know exactly what that career might be? This
      list of ideas can start yo...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 310               Rate It

    Government Grants For Single Parents - The Basics
      Having to take care of kids all by yourself is no easy thing, which is where government grants for single parents come in. These grants, however, are ...

    Status Information:        13-Feb-2010        Hits: 179               Rate It

    Hot to market your arts and crafts
      The intellectual property transfer market is now estimated to be worth over $100 billion. If you have new arts and crafts, you may be able to license ...

    Status Information:        29-Oct-2004        Hits: 283               Rate It

    How to Establish Your Authority
      “Leaders are born, not made” – do you think this is true? I think one can learn to act as if he or she was born a leader.

      I’m thinking of my yo...

    Status Information:        30-Sep-2003        Hits: 331               Rate It

    Men and Women's Changing Famiy Roles
      One of the main institutions in society is found within the household and is popularly known as "The Family." It is here, in the family, where the co...

    Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 719               Rate It

    Mystery What?
      Like this shirt? I got it at the mall … FREE. We’re going to dinner tonight … FREE. Oh look another check in the mail. C’mon kids … we’re going to B...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 314               Rate It

      Most Americans are insulted from the poor; it is hard to imagine the challenges of poverty, the daily fears of victimization, the frustration of not b...

    Status Information:        2-May-2001        Hits: 566               Rate It

    Saving Money on Those Family Budget Crunchers
      In our family it's not the basic expenses that add up as much as the extras that seem to be never-ending. We can deny it all we want but with school a...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 314               Rate It

    The What and Why of Working at Home
      To work at home seems to be the "Dream of Our Time". For women, in particular it provides a way to combine motherhood and earning an income without sa...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 332               Rate It

    Your Perfect Home Business May Be Right In Front of You!
      Every week I receive email from would-be entrepreneurs,
      asking, 'What kind of home business should I start?'

      This is a question that ...

    Status Information:        11-Mar-2003        Hits: 387               Rate It




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