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Our Mission here @ Single Parents Network  is to provide a hub, as you will, that has collectively gathered single parent web sites, articles, information, government resources, online discussion forum support boards, books and so much more, for any one looking for single parent information.

We are not only about single mothers, or single fathers. We are also about our future, our children. We are about the people, the family, though broken, still connected through our children. It's about everyone, mothers, fathers, step parents, grandparents, children, counselors, lawyers, non custodial, custodial, shared parents, adult children of divorce, widowed parents: All and anyone who have been touched by single parenting and the issues that single parents face!.

We are about connecting together the single parent resources so that 'WE' can make single healthy choices as we Parent.

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Single Parent Links:

    FDR Holidays Ltd.
    All-inclusive family Resorts in Jamaica with a Vacation Nanny so parents have a relaxing holiday too. Kids under 16 free.
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    Genesis Consultants, Inc.
    A Therapeutic and Educational Center for Women, Men, Couples, Children and Families. Featuring: "If I'd Only Known...Sexual Abuse In or Out of the Family: A Prevention Guide
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    Got Trouble
    "Got Trouble" is a site that enables people in serious trouble to find solutions to their problems and create new possibilities for their lives.
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    Home cleaning coach
    If your frustrated with a lack of time and energy to keep up with housework this site is helpful. Especially if you run to clean up a bit when the doorbell rings instead of inviting the unexpected guest in this site is ideal.
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    The CoHousing Company
    A co housing project that helps in the development of home sharing.A balance of privacy and community. A safe and supportive environment for children. A practical and spontaneous lifestyle. Intergenerational neighborhoods. Environmentally-sensitive design emphasizing pedestrian access and optimizing open space. Founded by husband-and-wife team Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett.
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